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Ashleigh + Kyle

Ashleigh and I have been working together in the healthcare field for a few years now. When Ashleigh came to work saying she was getting married, I was thrilled - because I knew with the way she talked about Kyle, they were perfect together.

Then I got to meet Kyle in person, the way he is with her just confirmed what I already knew - they're wild about each other. It's like they light up together.

Side note: I was actually Ashleigh's videographer on her wedding day.

Fast forward,

Ashleigh texts me one night asking if I could help with a photoshoot. She was very vague about what it was. To be honest, I thought she was inquiring for a friend and passing my info along.

Next thing I know, her and Kyle pop out of the car to meet me on the day with the sweetest little sonogram photo and I was shrieking.

Ok, but here's the thing...

These photos were taken behind a RaceTrac gas station. HA! Seriously, Kyle's back is turned to the back of the RaceTrac and Ashleigh's is turned to some parking spots for 18-Wheelers. I had to edit the trailers out of some of their photos and it cracks me up.

Trust the Process.

I just keep thinking back to sending Ashleigh the Location Pin for this photoshoot and her just being completely up for it when I said, it's a little spot behind a gas station. It made my photographer heart SO happy that she trusted me enough to just go with it.

I mean, seriously. Look at them.

I'll just be over here counting down the days til I can see this pretty baby's face. With parents like them - this child will be beautiful, smart, Jesus-loving and kind.


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