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The Best Photo Spot in Metro Atlanta

an opinion piece. ha!

If you've ever stumbled into a photography vortex on instagram, you'd quickly be sucked into the Pacific Northwest photographers and all the endless photo spots they have. It takes about 10 minutes of me scrolling beautiful photos before I see some scenery that stops me dead in my scroll and it's ALWAYS somewhere in the PNW.

I get deeply upset that I don't live out there with endless views of mountain ranges. Have you ever seen photos of the Salt Flats in Utah, bucket list photo spot for sure.

And then there's Georgia.

All that said, I live in Georgia and when couples ask me for the best spot in Atlanta for their engagement session, I never hesitate to say "ARABIA MOUNTAIN." Arabia isn't this tall incredible mountain that you hike for 3 miles to the top. Honestly, if you're there next to it, you wouldn't know you were there. Often times when I send out the parking lot address to my couples, when they arrive I get comments like "where's the mountain?"

The Trek.

You basically arrive to this gravel lot that fits about 20 cars and you just follow this path blindly. It's not a hard walk. About 10 minutes all together. And the first 8 minutes isn't difficult - just a little wet and swampy sometimes. The last 2 minutes is straight up, and I get out of breath every single time.

Sharing is Caring.

When you get to the top, you'll see 15 other photographers. Some will have families with them, some maternity, some couples, at least one elopement with someone in a wedding dress and the perfect sunset goodness ever. I can't even explain it in words really or why I love it so much but once you're there, you'll feel like you're not in the middle of Georgia. There are probably 100 good little spots up there and every one of them has the most perfect light. I think that might be why I'm so quick to choose Arabia for a session, the light is just.... ughhhhhhh *chef's kiss.*

Vaughter's Farm

AND THEN, not only is the light perfect - there's this freaking GORGEOUS barn at the bottom of the mountain. So I kid you not, choose Arabia. But make sure there are no valuables in your front seat when you head up the walk. That's the kicker. The spot has become so amazing for photographers, people terrorize the parking lot and the parked cars. It makes me so sad. Email me for a complete list of all the little spots I have all over. I'm happy to share. No gatekeeping here. - xoxo


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